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Test scoring in clinical neuropsychology

Get correct test results immediately and without difficulty

The results are available as soon as testing has finished. They are presented clearly in the form of a table and a diagram (the “profile”).

The table lists the results and relates them to the scores of a comparison group (norms). The norm score comparisons relate either to an overall sample or, where appropriate, to subsamples based on age, gender, educational level or other criteria; the raw scores can be compared with the relevant groups as needed. You can transfer the profile into MS Office© documents using Copy – Paste or add comments direct.

The scoring is clearly set out. As well as the table and diagram it contains a large amount of detailed information such as total working time, a progress chart and the test protocol. The test protocol shows exactly how the respondent answered each item. It contains structured and easily understood details of the selected answer, the exact working time and any corrections that were made to the answer.

In the profile the colored highlighting shows you at a glance which test results are average, which above average and which below average. This diagram enables the results to be taken in at a glance. It can be copied into Microsoft Office© documents using Copy – Paste.

The test results can be exported to statistics programs (such as IBM SPSS Statistics©) ) for further processing; results can also be exchanged between two Vienna Test Systems. You can also integrate interfaces to your hospital’s own software. If the reliability of the scoring is in doubt as a result of the response behavior of the person being tested, a warning to this effect is issued with the results.

Report template

Reports are one of the key benefits of psychological tests from SCHUHFRIED. Many years’ experience and customer feedback have enabled us to design the reports so that you get the results in the precise form that you need.

The report explains the dimensions tested and describes how the respondent scored on each one. A report template is provided for all test sets and tests. The test results can be incorporated into this report template. This report can be edited, printed and saved using Microsoft Word®. The scope of the report and the way in which the results are presented can be varied for different target groups (e.g. professional opinion or patient record).