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Manufacturing & Safety

Make your company safer

Did you know that most accidents and incidents in the workplace are caused by human error? These events often have a major financial impact, for example through loss of production, or result in people being seriously injured. The most common reason for accidents is misjudgment of a situation, but inaccurate situational perception and assessment, poor or non-existent communication, pressure of work and decisions taken too late or while under stress can all cause accidents, as can many other factors.

It is therefore crucial to adopt a structured and needs-oriented approach when recruiting staff to safety-critical jobs or assessing the suitability of existing staff. In your testing, focus on the characteristics that are really important: those that determine safety-critical behavior!

Our tests in the HR/manufacturing & safety field include a wide range of personality and cognitive ability tests and predefined test sets. Use our tests to assess relevant abilities such as selective, divided and focused attention, peripheral vision, spatial visualization, sensomotor skills and problem-solving ability. Whether you are testing in the field of rail transport, aviation, military, police, mines or production, we have the right solution for you!

Assessments for greater safety

  • Wide range of specific ability tests.
  • Predefined test sets to assess all the relevant ability and personality dimensions for aviation (SAAIR), mines (SAMINE), rail (SARAIL) and road (SAROAD).
  • Standardize the decision-making process and make it more objective.
  • Automated and easy-to-understand scorings with clearly set out results, individual reports, detailed profiles and FIT scores (overall score).
  • Useful not only to decision-makers in HR but also to occupational psychologists and occupational health physicians.

Areas of usage

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