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Scientific Studies with SCHUHFRIED

Quality in practice

SCHUHFRIED stands for quality and conducts various studies since the beginning on its own. In addition to that, SCHUHFRIED also collaborates with university-level institutions, students and partners in research and economy to prove its strict quality criterias in innovative topics.

We assembled an informative extract from our numerousness studies for you.

The following topics are currently of special interest for SCHUHFRIED:

  • Safety assessment in personnel selection (pilots, professional drivers, etc.)
  • Neuropsychological assessment of and cognitive training for diseases related to dementia
  • Neuropsychological assessment of and cognitive training for psychiatric disorders
  • Traffic psychology issues (e.g. Fitness to Drive in older drivers, cognitive training and Fitness to Drive)

Interested in the scientific process? Plan your own study with SCHUHFRIED or find more information in our studies selection.

Institution/Author Topic Test/-set/Training
> Current studies
Alitalia, Italy Validaton test set SAAIR SAAIR
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany Person-Situation-Interaction and the effect of one's mood B5PS
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany Investigation of determinants of multitasking SIMKAP, 3D, A3DW, BFSI
Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany Construct validity and Criterion validity of SMART – a occupational test to assess cognitive competence SMART
Mind and Society Center, Los Angeles, USA Comparison of motivation-effects of adaptive und linear tests AMT
Mozarteum - University Salzburg, Austria Personality of orchestra conductors BFSI
University of Edinburgh, Scotland Validation COMPRO COMPRO
University of Vienna, Austria The effects of time pressure on performance and well-being BACO
Zurich Insurance Group, Austria Valdiation testbattery for recruting sales staff at Zurich Insurance Group BFSI, INSSV, SKASUK
> Completed studies
Arendasy, M. E., Hergovich, A., & Sommer, M. Investigating the “g”-saturation of various stratum-two factors using automatic item generation. INSBAT
Arendasy, M. E., & Sommer, M. Using automatic item generation to meet the increasing item demands of high-stakes educational and occupational assessment. INSBAT
Arendasy, M., & Sommer, M. Using psychometric technology in educational assessment: The case of a schema-based isomorphic approach to the automatic generation of quantitative reasoning items. FRM, INSBAT
Arendasy, M. E., Sommer, M., Gutiérrez-lobos, K. & Fritz, J. Do individual differences in test preparation compromise the measurement fairness of admission tests? INSBAT
Arendasy, M., Sommer, M., & Hergovich, A. Statistical judgment formation in personnel selection: A study in military aviation psychology. A3DW, AMT, COG, DT, SMK, VERGED, VISGED
Bühner, M., König, C. J., Pick, M., & Krumm, S. Working memory dimensions as differential predictors of the speed and error aspect of multitasking performance. SIMKAP
Eith, T. K., Researcher, J., Associate, H. S., & Schusterschitz, C. Career success perception and work-related behaviour of employees in geriatric care. A pilot study in a German geriatric care facility. AVEM
Jauk, E., Benedek, M., Dunst, B., & Neubauer, A. C. The relationship between intelligence and creativity: New support for the threshold hypothesis by means of empirical breakpoint detection. BFSI, INSBAT
König, C. J., Bühner, M., & Murling, G. Working memory, fluid intelligence, and attention are predictors of multitasking performance, but polychronicity and extraversion are not. SIMKAP
Ortner, T. M. & Kubinger, K. D. Objective and economic: A battery for the assessment of emotional aspects when working under pressure BACO
Pelser, M., Bergh, Z. C., & Visser, D. The concurrent validity of learning potential and psychomotor ability measures for the selection of haul truck operators in an open pit mine. 2HAND, COG, DT, ZBA
Proyer, R. T., Sidler, N., Weber, M., & Ruch, W. A multi-method approach to studying the relationship between character strengths and vocational interests in adolescents. MOI
Rau, R. & Riedel, S. Besteht ein Zusammenhang zwischen dem Auftreten von positivem Arbeitserleben unter Flow-Bedingungen und Merkmalen der Arbeitstätigkeit? AVEM
Schaarschmidt, U. & Kieschke, U. Beanspruchungsmuster im Lehrerberuf. AVEM
Schlangen, J. & Vetter, M. Ausgewählt: Elektronische Tests in der Personalauswahl von Kundenberatern. AHA, BACO, BFSI, INSBAT, SIMKAP, SKASUK
Sebastian, V. Gender differences in the attitudes towards work among young students. AHA
Vetter, M., Schünemann, L., Debelak, R., Gatscha, M., Herle, M., Mandler, G., & Ortner, T. Vorhersage von sicherheitsrelevantem Fahrverhalten bei Berufskraftfahrern: Eine theoriegeleitete Validierung von Leistungs- und Persönlichkeitstests. AMT, ATAVT, COG, DT, IVPE, RT, SAROAD
Ziegler, M. & Horstmann, K. Discovering the Second Side of the Coin - Integrating Situational Perception into Psychological Assessment. B5PS
Institution/Author Topic Test/-set/Training
> Current studies
Donau-Universität Krems, Zentrum für Psychosomatische und Psychotherapeutische Medizin (ZPPM), Austria Cognitive deficits and cognitive training with alcohol addicts COGBAT, ALERT, DIVID, FOCUS, HIBIT-R, NBACK, PLAND
Fordham University, USA The relationship between deficits in attention and emotion regulation in ADHD WAFS
German Sport University Cologne, Germany Effects of physical training on the reduction of cognitive deficits after chemotherapy 3D, TMT-L
Heidelberg University Hospital/SRH Klinikum Karlsbad-Langensteinbach, Germany Cognitive training with depressive and schizophrenic patients COGBAT, ALERT, DIVID, FOCUS, HIBIT-R, NBACK, PLAND
Heidelberg University, Psychology Department, Germany Executive regulation of economic descision-making in schizophrenia INHIB, NBV, TMT-L, TOL-F
Heidelberg University, Germany Integration through Exercise – a movement-cognitive therapy program for patients with psychotic disorders COGBAT, CORSI, WAFV, WAFF
Heidelberg University, Germany Regulation of emotion and ability to plan PAD, TOL-F
Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany Validation CFSD CFSD
Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany Validation COGBAT und TOM with heart insufficiency patients COGBAT, TOM
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany TOL-F as diagnostic tool for dementia TOL-F
NHH Norwegian School of Economics Visiting Scholar/ Baumeister Lab, Florida State University Effect of self-regulation on ability to plan TOL-F
Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna, Austria Autism, Determination, and the Efficacy of Neurofeedback on Reactive Stress Tolerance of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders DTKI
SRH Klinikum Karlsbad, SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, Germany Motor skills and cognition with schizophrenic people COGBAT
SRH Klinikum Karlsbad-Langensteinbach/Universität Koblenz · Landau, Germany Cognitive deficits with depression patients in ambulant setting COGBAT
Taipei Medical University, Graduate Institute of Nursing, China Cognitive training for MCI patients ALERT, CODING, DATEUP, DIVID, NBACK, SELECT, VIG, VISP
Uniklinik Aachen, Germany Face-Name-Learning with adolescent FNA
University of Freiburg, Germany Connectivity of the mid-dorsolateral prefrontal cortex FRM, NBN, SASSR, TOL-F
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Germany Gene database of psychiatric patients and correlation with cognitive ability INHIB, NBV, SWITCH, TMT, TOL-F
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Germany Neuropsychologic deficits and lesions in Multiple Sclerosis patients COGBAT, ALERT, CODING, DATEUP, DIVID, HIBIT-R,NBACK, PLAND
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Germany Variation of intrinsic alertness in dementia with Lewy-bodies WAFA
Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Germany Quantifying dysfunctional side effects of DBS on intrinsic organization of prefrontal networks WAFA, TOL-F, INHIB
Universität Hildesheim, Germany Validation TOL-F TOL-F
University Hospital Cologne, Germany Effects of exercise on neurocognitive functions in children NVLT
University of Groningen, Netherlands Vigilance with adult patients with ADHD VIGIL, WAFV
University of Pécs, Hungary Effects of cognitive training on learning how to read or reading comprehension FOCUS, ROTATE
Universität Regensburg, Germany/University of Groningen, Netherlands Process of decision making in ADHD-patients CFADHD
Universität Regensburg, Germany/University of Groningen, Netherlands Time-estimation in adult ADHD-patients CFADHD
Universität Tübingen, Germany Effects of executive functions on working in mathematic tasks TOL-F
University of Vienna, Austria The influence of executive functions on delinquent behavior INHIB, PERSEV, TMT-L, TOL-F
University of Vienna, Austria Burnout and attractiveness-sex-bias AVEM
University of Vienna, Austria Correlation between burnout and attractiveness-sex-bias AVEM
University of Zurich, Switzerland Evaluating COGBAT in patients with effects due to trauma und Borderline disorder COGBAT
University of Zurich, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Switzerland Cognitive training in adolescent ADHD-patients ALERT, CODING, DATEUP, DIVID, HIBITNBACK, ROTATE, SELECT, VIG, VISMO, VISP
> Completed studies
Aschenbrenner, S., Schale, A., Weisbrod, M., Laux, G., & Brunnauer, A. Wiedererlangung der Fahrkompetenz. Behandlungsziel bei psychischen Erkrankungen. COG, DT, INHIB, LVT, NBV, PP-R, RT, TAVTMB, VIGIL, WAFG
Au, J., Katz, B., Buschkuehl, M., Bunarjo, K., Senger, T., Zabel, C., … Jonides, J. Enhancing working memory training with transcranial direct current stimulation. CORSI
Biondi, M. & Valentini, M. Relaxation treatments and biofeedback for anxiety and somatic stress-related disorders RESP
Brinkhaus, M., van Ermingen-Marbach, M., Grande, M., Reimers, J., Pape-Neumann, J., Sturm, W. & Heim, S. Subtype-Specific Processing of Visual Attention and Training Effects in Dyslexic Children – an fMRI Study ALERT, DIVID, FOCUS, SELECT, SPACE
Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health Neurofeedback and Biofeedback for Mood and Anxiety Disorders: A Review of the Clinical Evidence and Guidelines – An Update BFEMG, BFHRV, BFRESP, BFVASO
Cecil, G., Beiglböck, W., Peter, M., Feselmayer, S., & Scholz, E. Direkt versus Indirekt – Screening von Alkoholauffälligkeit im betrieblichen Kontext. 2HAND, ALS, ATV, DT, FFT, SPM
Clemens, B., Zvyagintsev, M., Sack, A. T., Heinecke, A., Willmes, K. & Sturm, W. Comparison of fMRI activation patterns for test and training procedures of alertness and focused attention. ALERT, FOCUS
de Bruin, E. D., van het Reve, E. & Murer, K. A randomized controlled pilot study assessing the feasibility of combined motor-cognitive training and its effect on gait characteristics in the elderly. ALERT, DIVID, SELECT
Debelak, R., Egle, J., Köstering, L., & Kaller, C. P. Assessment of planning ability: Psychometric analyses on the unidimensionality and construct validity of the Tower of London task (TOL-F). TOL-F
Devita, M., Montemurro, S., Zangrossi, A., Ramponi, S., Marvisi, M., Villani, D., … Mondini, S. Cognitive and motor reaction times in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome: A study based on computerized measures. MDT, RT
Gmehlin, D., Fuermaier, A. B. M., Walther, S., Tucha, L., Koerts, J., Lange, K. W., … Aschenbrenner, S. Attentional lapses of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in tasks of sustained attention. CFADHD, WAFA, WAFG, WAFS
González-Castro, P., Cueli, M., Rodríguez, C. et al. Efficacy of Neurofeedback Versus Pharmacological Support in Subjects with ADHD BFEMG
Grützner, T. M., Sharma, A., Listunova, L., Bartolovic, M., Weisbrod, M., & Roesch-Ely, D. Neurocognitive performance in patients with depression compared to healthy controls: Association of clinical variables and remission state. COGBAT, CVLT, FGT, INHIB, NBV, TMT, TOL-F, WAFA, WAFG, WAFS
Günther, T., Konrad, K., Häusler, J., Saghraoui, H., Willmes, K., & Sturm, W. Developmental differences in visual and auditory attention: A cross-sectional study. WAFA, WAFF
Hagovska, M. & Olekszyova, Z. Impact of the combination of cognitive and balance training on gait, fear and risk of falling and quality of life in seniors with mild cognitive impairment. ALERT, NAMES, NBACK, PLAND, VISMO
Hagovska, M., Takac, P. & Dzvoník, O. Effect of a combining cognitive and balanced training on the cognitive postural and functional status of seniors with a mild cognitive deficit in a randomized, controlled trial. ALERT, NAMES, NBACK, PLAND, VISMO
Haeusler, J. & Sturm, W. Konstruktvalidierung einer neuen Testbatterie für Wahrnehmungs- und Aufmerksamkeitsfunktionen (WAF). WAF
Hauke, J., Fimm, B. & Sturm, W. Efficacy of alertness training in a case of brainstem encephalitis: Clinical and theoretical implications. ALERT
Heim, S., Pape-Neumann, J., van Ermingen-Marbach, M., Brinkhaus, M. & Grande, M. Shared vs. specific brain activation changes in dyslexia after training of phonology, attention, or reading. ALERT, DIVID, FOCUS, SELECT
Hessler, J. B., Brieber, D., Egle, J., Mandler, G., & Jahn, T. Applying Psycholinguistic Evidence to the Construction of a New Test of Verbal Memory in Late-Life Cognitive Decline: The Auditory Wordlist Learning Test. AWLT
Kaller, C. P., Debelak, R., Köstering, L., Egle, J., Rahm, B., Wild, P. S., … Unterrainer, J. M. Assessing planning ability across the adult life span: Population-representative and age-adjusted reliability estimates for the Tower of London (TOL-F). TOL-F
Karavidas, M.K., Tsai, P.S., Yucha, C., McGrady, A., Lehrer, P.M. Thermal biofeedback for primary Raynaud's phenomenon: a review of the literature BFVASO
Lange, K. W., Tucha, L., Hauser, J., Lange, K. M., Stasik, D. & Tucha, O. Attention training in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. AIXTENT* (DIVID, SELECT, VIG)
Lin, G., Xiang, Q., Fu, X., Wang, S., Wang, S., Chen, S., Shao, L., Zhao, Y., Wang, T. Heart rate variability biofeedback decreases blood pressure in prehypertensive subjects by improving autonomic function and baroreflex BFHRV
Mariotti, G., Salciccia, S., Innocenzi, M., Gentilucci, A., Fasulo, A., Gentile, V., Sciarra, A. 4.11 Recovery of Urinary Continence After Radical Prostatectomy Using Early vs Late Pelvic Floor Electrical Stimulation and Biofeedback-associated Treatment BFMUSK
Middaugh, S.J., Haythornthwaite, J.A., Thompson, B., Hill, R., Brown, K.M., Freedman, R.R., Attanasio, V., Jacob, R.G., Scheier, M., Smith, E.A. The Raynaud's Treatment Study: biofeedback protocols and acquisition of temperature biofeedback skills BFEMG, BFVASO
Mohnke, M., Bach, C., & Roesch-Ely, D. Proverb comprehension deficits in patients with schizophrenia—Neurocognitive and social cognitive correlates.


Müller, T. & Muhlack, S. Effect of exercise on reactivity and motor behaviour in patients with Parkinson’s disease. MLS, RT
Nikendei, C., Schäfer, H., Weisbrod, M., Huber, J., Geis, N., Katus, H. A., … Schultz, J.-H. The effects of mitral valve repair on memory performance, executive function, and psychological measures in patients with heart failure. COGBAT, FGT, INHIB, NBV, TMT-L, TOL-F, WAFG, WAFA
Olivares, T., Nieto, A., Sánchez, M. P., Wollmann, T., Hernández, M. a, & Barroso, J. Pattern of neuropsychological impairment in the early phase of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. MLS, RT
Page, M. S. S. & Ringendahl, H. Factor structure, normative data and retest-reliability of a test of fine motor functions in patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. MLS
Piersma, D., Fuermaier, A. B. M., de Waard, D., Davidse, R. J., de Groot, J., Doumen, M. J. A., … Tucha, O. Prediction of fitness to drive in patients with Alzheimer's dementia ATAVT, RT
Poskotinova, L.V., Demin, D.B., Krivonogova, E.V., Dieva, M.N., Khasnova, N.M. The success of heart rate variability biofeedback parameters in persons with different levels of blood pressure BFHRV
Sato, M., Iizuka, T., Watanabe, A., Iwase, N., Otsuka, H., Terada, N., Fujisawa, M. Electromyogram biofeedback training for daytime clenching and its effect on sleep bruxism BFEMG
Sharma, A., Schray, A., Bartolovic, M., Roesch-Ely, D., Aschenbrenner, S., & Weisbrod, M. Relationship between serum calcium and neuropsychological performance might indicate etiological heterogeneity underlying cognitive deficits in schizophrenia and depression. COGBAT, FGT, INHIB, NBV, TMT, TOL-F, WAFA, WAFG
Shmygalev, S., Damm, M., Weckbecker, K., Berghaus, G., Petzke, F., & Sabatowski, R. The impact of long-term maintenance treatment with buprenorphine on complex psychomotor and cognitive function. 2HAND, COG, DT, TAVTMB, VIGIL
Sommer, M., Heidinger, C., Arendasy, M., Schauer, S., Schmitz-Gielsdorf, J., & Häusler, J. Cognitive and personality determinants of post-injury driving fitness. AMT, COG, DT, IVPE, PP-R, RT, TAVTMB, WRBTV
Sorokina, N.D., Selitskii, G.V., Terementseva, E.S. Effectiveness of different biofeedback therapies of tension headache BFEEG, BFRESP
Starovasnik Žagavec, B., Mlinaric Lešnik, V. & Goljar, N. Training of selective attention in work-active stroke patients. SELECT
Sturm, W., Fimm, B., Cantagallo, A., Cremel, N., North, P., Passadori, A., … Leclercq, M. Specific computerized attention training in stroke and traumatic brain-injured patients. AIXTENT* (ALERT, DIVID, SELECT, VIG)
Sturm, W., Hartje, W., Orgaß, B., & Willmes, K. Effektivität eines computergestützten Trainings von vier Aufmerksamkeitsfunktionen.(german version only) AIXTENT* (ALERT, DIVID, SELECT, VIG)
Sturm, W., Thimm, M., Küst, J., Karbe, H. & Fink, G. R. Alertness-training in neglect: Behavioral and imaging results. ALERT
Sturm, W., Willmes, K., Orgass, B. & Hartje, W. Do specific attention deficits need specific training? AIXTENT* (ALERT, DIVID, SELECT, VIG)
Thimm, M., Fink, G. R., Küst, J., Karbe, H. & Sturm, W. Impact of alertness training on spatial neglect: A behavioural and fMRI study. ALERT
Tucha, O., Tucha, L., Kaumann, G., König, S., Lange, K. M., Stasik, D., … Lange, K. W. Training of attention functions in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. AIXTENT* (DIVID, SELECT, VIG)
van het Reve, E. & de Bruin, E. D. Strength-balance supplemented with computerized cognitive training to improve dual task gait and divided attention in older adults: A multicenter randomized-controlled trial. ALERT, DIVID, SELECT
Yeung, K.W., Lui. K.L., Ho, W.F., Li, C.M., Fan, C.W., Tang, C.N. Evaluation of treatment outcomes in pelvic floor muscle training with biofeedback versus intra-vaginal electrical stimulation in women with urinary incontinence in Hong Kong Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital BFMUSK
Yoo, J.W., Lee, D.R., Sim, Y.J., You, J.H., Kim, C.J. Effects of innovative virtual reality game and EMG biofeedback on neuromotor control in cerebral palsy BFEMG
Zöllner, H. J., Butz, M., Jördens, M., Füllenbach, N.-D., Häussinger, D., Schmitt, B., … Schnitzler, A. Chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging in hepatic encephalopathy. LVTCOG, MLSRT

* AIXTENT known as CogniPlus

Institution/Author Topic Test/-set/Training
> Current studies
Bonn University, Germany Comparison of different traffic psychological testbatteries ATAVT, DT, RT
Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, Lissabon, Portugal Evaluation traffic education in Portugal TAVTMB, WRBTV
Roadslink, SCHUHFRIED Partner, UAE Validation and Norming SAROAD SAROAD
University of Basel, Faculty for Psychology, Switzerland Biological and cognitive causes of risik behavior WRBTV
Universität Bremen, Germany Evaluation of reception and effect of traffic safety campaign AVIS
> Completed studies
Arendasy, M., Sommer, M., & Hergovich, A. Statistical judgment formation in personnel selection: A study in military aviation psychology. A3DW, AMT, COG, DT, SMK, VERGED, VISGED
Aschenbrenner, S., Schale, A., Weisbrod, M., Laux, G., & Brunnauer, A. Wiedererlangung der Fahrkompetenz. Behandlungsziel bei psychischen Erkrankungen. COG, DT, INHIB, LVT, NBV, PP, RT, TAVTMB, VIGIL, WAFG
Giacomuzzi, S. M., Ertl, M., Vigl, A., Riemer, Y., Günther, V., Kopp, M., … Haaser, W. Driving capacitiy of patients treated with methadone and slow-release oral morphine. COG, DT, LVT, RT, TAVTMB
Greitemeyer, T. Exposure to media with prosocial content reduces the propensity for reckless and risky driving. VIP
Karner, T. & Neuwirth, W. Die Bedeutung der peripheren Wahrnehmung in der verkehrspsychologischen Untersuchung. PP
Piersma, D., Fuermaier, A. B. M., de Waard, D., Davidse, R. J., de Groot, J., Doumen, M. J. A., … Tucha, O. Prediction of fitness to drive in patients with Alzheimer’s dementia. ATAVT, RT
Risser, R., Chaloupka, C., Grundler, W., Sommer, M., Häusler, J., & Kaufmann, C. Using non-linear methods to investigate the criterion validity of traffic-psychological test batteries. AMT, COG, DT, PP, RT, TAVTMB
Schwarz, J. F. a., Geisler, P., Hajak, G., Zulley, J., Rupprecht, R., Wetter, T. C., & Popp, R. F. J. The effect of partial sleep deprivation on computer-based measures of fitness to drive. AMT, COG, DT, IVPE, LVT, PP, RT, TAVTMB, VIGIL, WRBTV
Sommer, M., Arendasy, M., Schuhfried, G., & Litzenberger, M. Diagnostische Unterscheidbarkeit unfallfreier und mehrfach unfall- belasteter Kraftfahrer mit Hilfe nicht-linearer Auswertemethoden. AMT, DT, IVPE, SIGNAL, TAVTMB, WRBTV
Sommer, M., Arendasy, M. E., & Schützhofer, B. Psychometric costs of retaking driving-related cognitive ability tests. DT, RT, TAVTMB, COG, INSBAT
Sommer, M., Heidinger, C., Arendasy, M., Schauer, S., Schmitz-Gielsdorf, J., & Häusler, J. Cognitive and personality determinants of post-injury driving fitness. AMT, COG, DT, IVPE, PP, RT, TAVTMB, WRBTV
Sommer, M., Herle, M., Häusler, J., Risser, R., Schützhofer, B., & Chaloupka, C. Cognitive and personality determinants of fitness to drive. AMT, COG, DT, IVPE, RT, TAVTMB, WRBTV
Vetter, M., Schünemann, L., Debelak, R., Gatscha, M., Herle, M., Mandler, G., & Ortner, T. Vorhersage von sicherheitsrelevantem Fahrverhalten bei Berufskraftfahrern: Eine theoriegeleitete Validierung von Leistungs- und Persönlichkeitstests. AMT, ATAVT, COG, DT, IVPE, RT, SAROAD
Institution/Author Topic Test/-Set/Training
> Current studies
German Sport University Cologne, Germany Effects of exercise on diabetic patients CORSI, STROOP, TMT-L, VLT
German Sport University Cologne, Germany Short-term effects of exercise on the ability to plan STROOP, TMT-L, TOL-F
IE University, Madrid, Spain Predicting success of referees DT, WAFV, ZBA
University of Vienna, Austria Building a requirements profile for eSport athletes INSBAT, SIGNAL, ZBA, INHIB, BFSI, OLMT
> Completed studies
Alexandru, M. A. & Lorand, B. Motor behavior and anticipation – A pilot study of junior tennis players. ZBA
Baur, H., Müller, S., Hirschmüller, A., Huber, G., & Mayer, F. Reactivity, stability, and strength performance capacity in motor sports. DT, RT
Gierczuk, D., & Ljach, W. Evaluating the coordination of motor abilities in Greco-Roman wrestlers by computer testing. 2HAND, DT, MLS, RT, SIGNAL
Gierczuk, D., Bujak, Z., Rowiñski, J., & Dmitriyev, A. Selected coordination motor abilities in elite wrestlers and taekwondo competitors. DT, MLS, RT, SIGNAL
Lech, G., Jaworski, J., Lyakh, V., & Krawczyk, R. Effect of the level of coordinated motor abilities on performance in junior judokas. 2HAND
Mankowska, M., Poliszczuk, T., Poliszczuk, D., & Johne, M. Visual perception and its effect on reaction time and time-movement anticipation in elite female basketball players. PP, RT, ZBA
Ong, N. C. H. The use of the Vienna Test System in sport psychology research: A review. Vienna Test System
Poliszczuk, T. & Mosakowska, M. Interreactions of peripheral perception and ability of time-movement anticipation in high class competititve Badminton players. PP, ZBA
Scharfen, H. E., & Memmert, D. Measurement of cognitive functions in experts and elite athletes: A meta‐analytic review. Vienna Test System
Tulppo, M. P., Jurvelin, H., Roivainen, E., Nissilä, J., Hautala, A. J., Kiviniemi, A. M., … Takala, T. Effects of bright light treatment on psychomotor speed in athletes. Vienna Test System
Witte, K., Kropf, S., Darius, S., Emmermacher, P., & Böckelmann, I. Comparing the effectiveness of karate and fitness training on cognitive functioning in older adults. A randomized controlled trial. DT, RT
Zimmer, P., Oberste, M., Bloch, W., Schenk, A., Joisten, N., Hartig, P., … Elter, T. Impact of aerobic exercise training during chemotherapy on cancer related cognitive impairments in patients suffering from acute myeloid leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome — Study protocol of a randomized placebo-controlled trial. 3D
Zwierko, T. Differences in Peripheral Perception between Athletes and Nonathletes. PP