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POINTs & sensors

Modular, portable and ergonomic – these advantages of the points contribute to the success of training and enhance comfort and convenience during a session.

The POINTs are attached to the body close to the point from which the recording will be made. This means that only very short sensor cables are needed. The recorded signals are transmitted wirelessly (Bluetooth®). Up to seven POINTs can be used simultaneously with one computer, permitting great flexibility in the way that sessions are organized. In addition all POINTs have an integrated memory card for later analysis of the readings.

Simple plug-in connectors and easily attached sensors make the system easy to use and contribute to a relaxed setting.

The following points are available

Multi Parameter POINT (MULTI-P)
Skin conductance, pulse, temperature, motility, heart rate variability

Respiration POINT (RESP-P)
Breathing measurement (1 channel)

Electromyography (2 channels)

The following sensors are available:

Multi sensor (EDA, TEMP, PULS, MOT), Skin Conductance sensor, Pulse sensor, HRV sensor, Migraine sensor, Blood Preasure sensor, EMG sensor (1 Channel/ 2 Channel), Vaginal electrodes, Rectal electrodes, Respiration sensor (belt)

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